The man Who have one million job !

Ayaaaaaa So guess what , i fucking working in the way i choose at the beggining i would like to work in a hostel to meet many peeople and talk to them because i must speak and meet people i know now it is what i love on my life my fucking friends i love you all And My futur i love You already ! First Day of work after 11 month of traveling was a really nice experience , As a Bartender In “la java in paris” i made many people happy because they enjoyed the way i take to make some coktails and serv its not good or bad just new for me to serv people drink . Second Day Of work , very very interesting , a clothes shop “h and m” and the particularity of this one : just woman Clothes haha , so i must speak just to woman some really beautifull and try to keep focus on my job put some new clothes in all shelf too many bra and strings … 🙂 Third Day what tyhe fuck gonna happend now , and yes i dream about some cheese , Yeahh cheese supermarket and became a little mad to see all the food like this and cant test some !!!! stay focus on the camembert many minutes and think im gonna kidnap him 🙂 What next ?

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