Shopping Time

Its Been a Long time Since i bought some new clothes but this time it was necessary , My ex Boots are dead , i have walk too much in many place with them So I went to a Military Surplus Shop To Find My happiness and Bought this : [((/public/Random/.Undercover_Shoes.resized_s.jpg|Undercover_Shoes.resized.JPG||Undercover_Shoes.resized.JPG, nov. 2010))|/public/Random/Undercover_Shoes.resized.JPG||Undercover_Shoes.resized.JPG] [((/public/Random/.Pure_Trash_Coat2.resized_s.jpg|Pure_Trash_Coat2.resized.JPG||Pure_Trash_Coat2.resized.JPG, nov. 2010))|/public/Random/Pure_Trash_Coat2.resized.JPG||Pure_Trash_Coat2.resized.JPG] __Surplus Discount__ [((/public/Random/.surplus_discount.resized_s.jpg|surplus_discount.resized.jpg|C|surplus_discount.resized.jpg, nov. 2010))|/public/Random/surplus_discount.resized.jpg||surplus_discount.resized.jpg] 53 BIS BOULEVARD DE PICPUS 75012 PARIS Métro : Picpus – Nation Tél. : 01 40 01 03 88 Fax : 01 43 45 18 97 E-­mail : [||fr]

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