Chac: Mayan God of Rain

[((/public/Random/chac.gif|Chac||Chac, sept. 2010))|/public/Random/chac.gif||Chac] Mayan God Chac was the ancient god of rain and the lightning. He was one of the earliest and most worshiped gods among all the people of Mesoamerica and was a benevolent god for the Mayans, who often sought his help for their crops. Chac was often depicted with a serpentine axe in his hand as a metaphor for lighting and his body was scaled and reptilian. He was worshiped at sacred wells and was associated with the life giving rain needed for agriculture. At the dawn of time, Chac split apart a sacred stone with his axe from which sprung the first ear of maize. When he was not among the clouds, the god could be found near falling waters. Chac was associated with creation and life. Chac was also considered to be divided into four equal entities. Each division represented the North, South, East and West. Chac was also apparently associated with the wind god Kukulcan. Some debate persists as to whether or not Kukulcan was just a variation of Chac.

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