The Call Of the friend”s”

Here , i am feeling and talkin weird again , my style My own fucking strange way of communication just receive a call from an old friend , old because he gave me a lot of happiness an old friend from belgium but wich one haha ? so , its a long time i didnt post here some news , but now its time i remember by this call of my friend all over the world , yes i know i dont answer often to all the email but if u know me u can understand my way of soul conenction i forgo No One , Never . In two week i will fly to dehli for 2 month in the Indian land , learning metting and enjoying another culture i’m very exited about this new travel because its a long time for me since last i have traveled. so this is the sound of the Hu Hu Bear Spirit : Samo daj big Hug To everyone all over the world i had the pleasure to met see ya soon in India Or somewhere else ps: a big news comming soon but some people already know what it is i just wait a little for knowing more about the “nature” of the news before spread him Love is all i have Romain