hallo hallo Delhi here i am , hot ? i can feel some river going all over my body 2 days in Delhi and u begin to understand a little more India but just a little more 😉 Tonight i m leaving for the North of India , direction Dharamsala , the train gonna be an amazing experience ^^

Russia jagala ПРИВЕТ

hEYa people from da HuHu Spirit ! actually im enjoying the reaaly good carpet hostel in the aiport of moscow its very nice and shinny , i dont loose in mind my end up way ; India , Delhi so i will rest a little here , try to take back my bargain skills and meet some news cary people see ya soon people (ps : ok my eyes betrayed me , im fuck up about the first part of the plane 🙂 2011-07-10-082042

First Courses of Urdu Language

English Urdu Transliteration Notes Hi السلام علیکم assalāmu ‘alaikum lit. “Peace be upon you.” (from Arabic) Hello و علیکم السلام waˈalaikum assalām lit. “And upon you, peace.” Response to assalāmu ʿalaikum (from Arabic) Hello (آداب (عرض ہے ādāb (arz hai) lit. “Regards (are expressed)”, a very formal secular greeting Goodbye خُدا حافظ khuda hāfiz lit. “May God be your Guardian” (from Persian). yes ہاں hāⁿ casual yes جی jī formal yes جی ہاں jī hāⁿ confident formal no نہ nā casual no نہیں، جی نہیں nahīⁿ, jī nahīⁿ casual; jī nahīⁿ formal please مہربانی meharbānī lit. “kindness” Also used for “thank you” thank you شُکریہ shukrīā from Arabic shukran Please come in تشریف لائیے tashrīf laīe lit. “(Please) bring your honour” Please have a seat تشریف رکھیئے tashrīf rakhīe lit. “(Please) place your honour” I am happy to meet you آپ سے مل کر خوشی ہوئی āp se mil kar khushī hūyī Do you speak English? کیا آپ انگریزی بولتے ہیں؟ kya āp angrezī bolte haiⁿ? lit. “Do you speak English?” I do not speak Urdu. میں اردو نہیں بولتا/بولتی maiⁿ urdū nahīⁿ boltā/boltī boltā is masculine, boltī is feminine My name is … میرا نام ۔۔۔ ہے merā nām …. hai Which way to Lahore? لاھور کس طرف ہے؟ lāhaur kis taraf hai? lit. “What direction is Lahore in?” Where is Lucknow? لکھنؤ کہاں ہے؟ Lakhnau kahāⁿ hai Urdu is a good language. اردو اچھی زبان ہے urdū achhī zabān hai lit. “Urdu is a good language”