Pourquoi je ne suis pas née dans les années 30 ou 50 j’aurais porté un chapeau et un long manteau style phohibition time,
Avec un beau Costume sur mesure ,
C’était le Temps ou tu ne pouvais PAS disntinguer les criminels des hommes de lois.
Drink alone some pretty Good Scotish Whiskey , not afraid of the dark feeling anymore dont want to be afraid ot the dark feeling anymore ,
I went one Time Ago In a Home psykiatrique , pas besoin de se justifier sur les raison qui te font allez la bas.
The caliing of my Mother’s brother , everything is not lost sometimes
Familly , What a pretty Invention of Your Owned Fear .

Thats the time

hey people , so weird but so good , i have seen this i didn’t do this but i want this again and again this feeling when u touch something really rare really true this night it was like this and i wish i could remember every moment of it some talk , some seens some life … i want to say thanks you to the things i believe in , the thing who are with me all day every day because she or he or it me make me seen what I’m suppose or not to be RAM . past present and future are only one at this moment i love it and give to it all my love Love greeting and Hug to all the people i knew i know and i will Romain aka Ali Roma Aka Unity

No Sleep But Think

Sometime You just want to sleep early and wake up early but as usual sometime mean nothing concrete in time feeling. so i’m still awake , watch some crazy stuff Just arrived By mistake to this rotating image after searching the teaser of ” Vodka Lemon ” A fucking Beautiful movie a little sentence near this image : The Dancer moving to the right or to the left ? ((/public/Random/danseuse.gif|Danseuse|C|Danseuse, sept. 2010)) for the record i click on the answer in the web site and they redirect me to the american Green Card Lottery … (whatever) after watching 1O minutes the dancer i found the intro of the movie